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the creative empiricist

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the Harry/Draco World Cup Recs
romantic way 2 die
I am just incredibly pleased at how the World Cup is turning out this year. For those of you who have either been hiding under a log or have anterograde amnesia, let me explain the Cup:

Three teams of rabid, H/D-shipping artists and authors. And only one shiny, (virtual) gold cup, brimming with glory.

Yes, indeed.

Now, each day this month, three stories or pieces of artwork have been posted: one from each team. These stories are voted upon based on their prompt, the work's faithfulness to the spirit of their team, and general awesomeness, the latter category being of the greatest importance.

And lo, there was excellent fic, and incredible art.

So: this is the first rec post of several I will make over the next few days. I plan on reccing stories that are not from my team, but I admit I've been preferentially viewing my own team's fic. (Frankly, otherwise I couldn't read this fast.) So, without further ado:

The first fic that really caught my interest was Team EWE's Between the Shadow and the Soul(PG). Although it's a short piece, it's very thought-provoking. I also find that I tend to like stories that explore themes about which I have already deeply pondered, either through my writing or otherwise. A little embarrassing, but probably totally natural (which I'm sure a lot of people say about a lot of things... hee!) Aoifene explores the Harry/Draco dynamic without providing any easy answers.

I've often considered this aspect of pairing Harry and Draco, or even making them friends: in order to do so, one of them has to drastically change, quite possibly as a result of the actions of the other. The moral ground here is shaky at best: if Draco becomes someone Harry could love, is he still Draco anymore? Would he have to betray his family, his ideals, in order to become that person? And if he does change, can he - does he have the *right* - to lay either blame or thanks for these changes at Harry's feet? Aoifene makes a stab at addressing these questions in her fic. The unique POV - Blaise - makes it that much more enjoyable. I'd give it a 7/10.

Then there's my own team's the First Day of Spring(R). This is a Flash video, though the only animation is good fades and falling snow. :) The artist, reira_21, has a very Art Deco look to her Draco and Harry, and boy does it work. Draco's eyes especially are stunning, as is the turn of his foot as he stomps out his cigarette. The background music is well-chosen, evoking a sorrowful, plodding life, where even surrender is ultimately meaningless. This one is super well-done; the only complaint I have is that the ending bears a remarkable similarity to canon... and so the story could easily fit within the confines of the canon universe. Still - 8/10.

Teganscrush's Magical Mystery Tour(PG-13) is adorable, silly and fluffy, not to mention easily the funniest story on the Cup so far. Beware the scooby-doo ending, but otherwise a nicely rounded 7.5/10.

Then of course there's my fic(PG), but you probably already knew that. Ah, well - everyone else got their analysis, so I guess I should get mine... *braces self for the Red Pen of Doom(TM)*
The only thing that I might alter about this story was the inclusion of the OC. If you think about it, Rosmerta could have substituted. Never include something you don't actually need! Still, overall I'm very pleased with this one. I don't think it's very sensible to rate it, though!

I think I'm going to stop here, because it's coming on one in the morning, and I have to work tomorrow! But there you go, ladies and gentlemen - three recs not including my own fic. Have fun reading!



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Er...a little out there, but...

First off, to avoid spamming, the First Day of Spring is spectacular despite the parental *issues*. It's quite a lovely mix of everything I've ever expected Draco! to be. Now, on to the more important issue...

May I be so impertinent as to ask what happened to you this afternoon(Friday)? Travis, Brian, and various others were asking and I too am curious. I went to your room after school and all the lights were out and, upon a quick look during which the lights were flipped on, all your things were gone. I saw your car in the school parking lot as well. I'm dying to know, is this about the nunchucks? Or was it something else? Gah! Anticipation! This is even worse than the forever break with the cliffhanger!

Please answer soon, Kirinin-sensei! We're worried about you! <3

P.S. Please don't take any of the above as stalker-ish. I'm really just worried and being pressured to investigate by your fans.

Re: Er...a little out there, but...

Sorry, but I'm afraid I can't answer. The lawyer we hired told me not to say a word to anyone on this matter. This is going to be a long road ahead... but I'm glad I have your support and that of the writing club. My sister (Jessica) wanted to drive down tonight. She became very mother-bear protective over this debacle and wanted to be here. But we think it's important to keep things low-key.

I'll miss seeing you and the rest of the group at school.


Re: Er...a little out there, but...

P.S. - Nothing 'stalkerish' about it. It was all rather dramatic. I understand why you would be concerned, and why you'd want to know. It suffices to say that, for now, I appreciate that concern. :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Er...a little out there, but...

I imagine the lack of detail in the article is due to the fact that the school system has been told by their lawyers not to say anything... just as I was.

Of course I need to make sure that you and the other classes are taken care of. Especially grade 8 - who, it seems, will be doing the *Reproductive System* with a substitute.

...which will indubitably go well. Right? Right.

Already miss you guys,


P.S. - Will you please talk to LdP about taking over for photocopying? I need to continue doing handouts and tests for the 8th-graders especially, but substitutes won't always make photocopies. (*Knows from experience.*) Please and thank you.

I have a ton of reading to do for the WorldCup; it's been hard to keep up, so I've designated this weekend to catch up! *vows*

Thanks for reccing me! <3

You are very welcome! I enjoyed your story a great deal. :)


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