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the creative empiricist

art, music, science, and herbal medicine - without drinking the kool-aid

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...the reviews are in...
romantic way 2 die
...and they are good! I am truly joyous. This was such a tough story to write, so I really did worry.

So, if you haven't already (after my posting a record three times in one day!) go to my Harry/Draco Worldcup Entry here: primum mobile, or ten forgotten things.

And as additional author's notes, the forgotten things are: Hogwarts Castle, ticket, scarf and tie, Galleons, pocketwatch, wand(s), first meeting, Hermione's face, Quidditch, and Potions.

A primum mobile is an old astronomical device, which you can look up here. It is the 'first mover', an outer circle that, when moved, sets all else in motion.



Edit: I've gotten enough online recs to be added to the daily snitch! :D

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Hi Kirinin -
Congrats again on an aweseome story! Would it be okay to friend?

The link to the primum mobile does not work for me - and I'd love to see one ;-)

Sure thing! :) Welcome.

...also, I fixed the link. The first and third paragraphs are particularly illuminating. There are a lot of interesting pictures that go along with the phrase (via Google pics), but to me, the words are even more evocative.

See you around LJ, and thanks again for your review. Glad to friend you.


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