September 20th, 2010

Amaltheadubious, LastUnicorndubious

The Decay of the Female Character

I know I haven't posted in awhile; shame on me!  But there's a lot to say.

Let me start with the thing that's toughest to explain: my sudden disenchantment (pun entirely intended) with the BBC Merlin franchise.

I should say I started out adoring this show.  Colin Morgan and Bradley James are eminently slashable, and both the stars and costars know it and make terrific fun of them.  The plot is silly and fantastical, the settling full of scenery!porn, the characters fascinatingly different from their original incarnations.  Merlin and Arthur are arguably the most awesome aspects of the show, but it's hard to dislike Anthony Head as Uther, Katie McGrath as the stunning Morgana, or Angel Coulby, who plays Gwen - surprisingly, a serving girl in this series.  I was really getting into it during Season One, tolerating Season Two, and now that we're on Season Three, I'm forced to confront the elephant in the room.

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