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the creative empiricist

art, music, science, and herbal medicine - without drinking the kool-aid

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Oh. Em. Gee.
romantic way 2 die
I am... speechless.  And... and blown away.  BOTH our seekers won, our artist seeker AND our fic seeker, and... and we were even short one entry, and...


...we WON.

And let me add that it was an incredible experience, not winning, although that... yeah.  But participating, forcing myself to write fic far above my admittedly 'relaxed' level of quality, and meeting all the AU people and asking for their advice and reading the stories and stressing about the results...

...this fanfiction contest thing?

I highly recommend it.


P.S. - Team AU put together a soundtrack; each person picked a song they believed represented their story the best, or whatever they listened to while writing.  You can find that here at the World Cup, including the song I picked for primum mobile: Now Is Mine, by K's Choice.  This is temporary however, so go now so that you can get the good musics.

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(Deleted comment)
Then... then you should *read* my fic. I posted it here at my LJs.


Also you can click on my tag that says 'worldcup' at the top of this entry and scroll down to the bottom. That will give you everything I wrote about what the worldcup is and my participation in it. :)



Yay!! You guys did incredible!! I've told you before that I read most if not all of the entries and AU to me was the best. I'm not putting down the other teams because there were some incredible entries in their teams, but overall the AU team had a lot of good entries. The proportion was higher of great fiction. Did you finally read Harry's Pockets by joanwilder? If not, you definitely should......

Re: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did indeed, and thought it was really quite incredible and creative. Joan was overall a brilliant captain for our team - she did so much work, including organizing us in order to have the Team AU soundtrack...


(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much! (In all honesty, it's my favorite too, although SoS has a special place in my <3).


(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for your comments.

More than any other fic I've ever written, if I flip to a random page of HM, I think to myself *what IS this, a romance novel?* It really is a fic that is fraught with emotion.

But if I back up a chapter or two, by the time I get to the emotional stuff it's all integrated and I'm involved and more than a little anxious on behalf of the characters... which I know is more than a little absurd!

I'm glad to know that my writing has affected you... and that's all you've really got to say. :)


SQUEE! Congratulations! Your team totally deserves it. Not that I read all of them, but I managed to unwisely stumble through a few and...*shudders*. Anywho, that's to be expected and your team was still fantastic.

I shall treat you to...blast, I have yet to come up with a way to reward you... Oh! Regina Spektor's new album, perhaps? She has two songs out which I can send to you...

/sigh My suckery...But, I digress.

Congrats again!^__^

You are treating me to Regina Spektor's new album? LOL :)

Good to hear from you. Hope finals aren't too arduous?


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